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This time we welcome Vinyl Speed Adjust, a duo living at the heart of the Romanian scene, it’s capital Bucharest.

After the successful release of »The Obsolete« album by Tommy Vicari Jnr., Colours in Music is back with a diverse and fresh various artist compilation, which brings together the »old« familiar rooster of CIM artists and new, fresh and innovative ones from abroad; all packed on an exclusive special edition CD release. Available for orders over our Bandcamp site or through Colours in Music channels.

Series of podcast episodes from Colours Music collective and guests. For more info check
This time we welcome a Ptuj based electronic music duo - Nicolae & Moare.

6th-9th June 2013
Kanegra Beach, Croatia
After musically exiting winter season we would like to announce our next step for even crazier upcoming summer. Colours Music is proud partner of ECHO FESTIVAL 2013 with our first showcase in the row.

COLOURS SHOWCASE - 7th June 2013
IAN F. [Colours, Jesus Loved You]
ANEURIA [Colours, Jesus Loved You, Gilesku]
EVANO [Colours, Pluie/Noir]


Echo is an intimate festival showcasing some of the best names and emerging talents in electronic music, all set against the elegant landscape of the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

Walking through the pine forests of our new home, located in the region of Istria, our site rolls gently down to Kanegra beach and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Kanegra combines different terrains and elements to form a unique festival location, and our three different stages will host a selection of quality artists over 4 days.

Our personal vibe and friendly feel has gained us great support from guests and artists alike. In 2013, Echo brings more of that festival charm to Croatia; we are truly pushing our event to a new level, and we know that you won’t want to miss out on this one.


Magda / Davide Squillace / Petre Inspirescu / Nick Höppner
Delano Smith / Kassem Mosse / Andrés / John Roberts (Live) 
Fred P AKA Black Jazz Consortium / Redshape (Live) / Anthea 
Audio Werner (Live) / Christopher Rau / BLM / Madteo / Ion Ludwig
Ian F / Aneuria / Evano / DoubtingThomas (Live) / Rico Casazza (Live)
Mandy Jordan / Daniel Madlung / Voigtmann / Lamache / Examine
Cuisine Dub / Brighton / Thanksmate / Roberto Amo + many more

Space Dimension Controller (Live) / XXXY / Locked Groove
South London Ordnance / Youandewan / Braiden / October
Djrum / Lorca / Outboxx / Citizen / James Fox / Donga / Lakosa
Pedestrian / Hodge / Seb Wildblood / Apes / CFSN DJs / Dubok

dBridge / Marcus Intalex / Lenzman / Synkro / Kasra
Xtrah / Stray / Versa / VRH / Gerra & Stone / SP:MC / Deefa MC

Echo festical tickets:
EX YU citizens - 250 Kuna
EU citizens - 75 €
Buy here:
Buy here: or

More info:

Flights, travel guide, airport transfers and line up:

6-9th June 2013, Kanegra, Croatia.

Series of podcast episodes from Colours Music collective and guests. For more info check
This time we welcome G76 with some thoroughly developed grooves.

COLOURS, LOVE TO BE AWAKE with NICOLAS LUTZ & BINH (Club Der Visionaere, Toi. Toi.) 
Friday, 19th April 2013
Club K4
As humorous as spring are our current guests from Berlin, bringing us a rich spectrum of various and quality-raw driven house & techno. Residents of »Club der Visionäre« - famous underground after-party destination in the district of Kreuzberg, will share with us their passion for music that they’ve been building on for over two decades. 
Nicolas Lutz – an amazing DJ and vinyl lover is probably most famous for his crazy sets which tend to leave even the most established DJs in the scene speechless. 
Binh - who will be joining him has also earned his special place due to his amazing mixing skills in one of the most recognized underground venues of European capital of electronic music.

NICOLAS LUTZ (Club Der Visionaere, Toi.Toi.)
BINH (Club Der Visionaere)
Aneuria (Colours, Jesus Loved You, Gilesku)
Vid Vai (Colours, Rimini)
Evano (Colours, Pluie/Noir)
Fraku (Colours)
Roiss (Colours, Housewise)

Entrance Fee: till midnight 6€, after midnight 8€

Start/Stop: 23:00h - 06:00h

Facebook event:

This time we welcome Roiss.The youngest member of Colours In Music collective.Enjoy!

Gilesku Records with Nu Zau. our fourth release, we’ve decided to go even deeper into mysterious waters of experimental minimalistic club music, bringing you yet another undergound talent from Romania – Nu Zau. Already a well known figure on the Romanian scene, Nu Zau was heavily inspired by early romanian hip-hop movement, leaving its imprint in the oldschool vibe of his tracks. A four track EP opens with deep »Cum bate vantu« - gradually evolving track with wicked bassline and playful precussion, accompanied by warm synth pads in the background. »Drum de foc« takes us for a ride in another direction with its dark atmospheric sounds and groovy beats. It seems like Nu Zau is taking us even further with the third track of the EP – »Frecventa joasa«, which will satisfy even the most demanding clubbers. To conclude the musical ride, here is the fourth track - »Ozup«, a pure percussive gem, that will be enjoyed by many for its floor-driven essence.

V novem poglavju barvite epopeje bomo priča elektronski poslastici, za katero bo poskrbel nihče drug kot VALENTINO KANZYANI! Vrhunski DJ, producent in eden pionirjev slovenskega techna je po selitvi na špansko Ibizo doživel pravi ustvarjalni razcvet, ki mu je v preteklem letu odprl vrata do številnih klubov po svetu, svojo glasbeno ustvarjalnost pa je kronal tudi z izdajo na sloviti založbi Cadenza. Na velikem odru bo v družbi starih znancev ekipe Colours predstavil svojo vizijo elektronske klubske glasbe in nam postregel z barvito paleto kultiviranih beatov in eklektičnih glasbenih ekskurzov.Main:VALENTINO KANZYANI (Jesus Loved You, Cadenza)Ian F. (Colours, Jesus Loved You)Aneuria (Colours, Gilesku, Jesus Loved You)Vid Vai (Colours, Rimini)Evano (Colours, Pluie/Noir)Small:Fraku (Colours)Mexx (Rariteta)Tim Kern (Rariteta)Vstop:Do 24h: 9 €Po 24h: 11 €

Colours Music is proud to announce our first V/A album release (COL 006) with Tulbure, g76, Three Angles, Francesco Del Garda, Aneuria & Ian F., Vid Vai, Evano, Not Him, Vlad Dinu and Nitz. Presale via Bandcamp starts in January 2013!

Welcoming Francesco Del Garda in Colours Music collective.Born in 1978, Francesco Del Garda discovered his love for electronic music at the age of sixteen.  Following in the footsteps of his deejay friends, he start buying vinyl records and an obsession was born.  Captured by analog and minimal sounds and he attempts to grab as many new releases as possible, and goes in search of those already pressed.  His deep and careful selection over the years have been lent to complete collections for projects such as ‘Concept 1’, ‘Studio 1’ and ‘Profan’.   At eighteen, he decided to leave Puglia and move to the Riviera Romagnola- considered then to be the absolute center of the Italian clubbing - where an experience, both tough and prolific begins to take form; in fact, it is noted by some promoters how Del Garda managed to perform in the early party of national importance and became a stable part of the family Echoes. During the years dominated by the group ‘Minus’,  Francesco is always looking for different sounds, taking nothing for granted.  His absolute dedication to the study of music leads him towards discovering a melodic dimension that revolves around his personal connection to electronic sound.   Through this intimate approach and snatching a few tricks of the trade from DJs such as Zip, Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Valentino Kanzyani, Praslea, Onur Ozer, has made for a perfect combination of funky, groovy house and techno that Del Garda has to offer.  In continuous and profound evolution Del Garda is promoting full sound that is terribly addictive, implementing influences from both the new movement, selects of the highest level of low, deep bodied and powerful techno and house sounds.  When he decides to sit down and produce, he does it with his great friend Alessandro Gaia, with whom he releases (year 2010) two tracks for ‘Viva Music’ and ‘Oslo Rec’.  In the two years following, they appear in a V.A. of ‘House Republic’ and printed 12” for ‘Naked & Ashamed’, a new sublabel of ‘Fear Of Flying’.  His awareness of certain ideas and abilities, coupled with a strong ambition has led him to actively participate in various events scattered around Italy.  Del Garda’s latest collaboration with Ian F. from Slovenia took on shape as a project involving dj sets and studio work has now lead to joining the group ‘ColoursMusic’ and is beginning to carve out a significant role outside national borders.  But it is through his personal project ‘NoRules’ that he is able to produce and present his true design of music: the party and the podcast series perfectly represent the model of the underground - without any unnecessary frills - that sucks so much.Links:

After at F Club, Ljubljana, SI.
Line up:
colours in music podcast episode 005 by Francesco Del Garda!  New Colours In Music member!
Welcome Francesco : - )

Na božični večer se v najljubšo ljubljansko klet po dveh letih vrača legendarni srbski DJ in producent Marko Nastić! Tradicionalni Colours praznik bosta s petično izbiro house in techno plat dodatno obarvala Marko s svojimi neverjetnimi pregovornimi spretnostmi za mešalno mizo ter novi in hkrati prvi tuji član Colours ekipe: Francesco Del Garda. DJ italijanskega porekla se je poslušalcem prikupil s tehnično preciznostjo ter prvovrstno glasbeno selekcijo, hkrati pa je odgovoren tudi za priljubljeno serijo podcastov, imenovanih ”No Rules”. Na velikem odru bosta s tujimi gosti za mešalko stopila Aneuria in Ian F, na manjšem plesišču pa bosta 10 let Intosomethinga v Štirki z allnighterjem, kot se spodobi, obeležila očaka Fedja in Felver! Velik Floor: Marko Nastić (Recon Warriors, Sake & Vinyl / SRB) Francesco Del Garda (Colours, No Rules, 320KB / ITA) Ian F. (Colours, Jesus Loved You) Aneuria (Colours, Jesus Loved You, Gilesku) Mali Floor: (10 years of IntoSomeThing @ K4 set) Fedja  Felver Vstop: Do 24h: 9 € Po 24h: 11€

Berlin – Istanbul, nemška natančnost in turška toplina. Kulturi nasprotij in raznolikosti ter posameznik, vpet med dvema svetovoma, ki mu je uspelo od obeh povzeti le najboljše in klubsko glasbo predstaviti v sveži podobi. Onurja Özerja je na prehodu v novo tisočletje prevzel pojav minimalistične scene, kasneje pa je preko tech-housea vzljubil tudi trše berlinske techno zvoke. Naj bo to minimal, ali tech-house, Onurju uspe širok spekter glasbe neopazno zliti v skladno celoto, ki zleze pod kožo še tako zahte
vnim rejverjem. Iznajdljivo krmarjenje med raznolikimi žanri mu je sprva omogočilo preboj na lokalni sceni, po nekaj uspešnih izdajah na priznanih evropskih založbah (Freude Am Tanzen, Vakant, All In), pa ga je pod svoje okrilje leta 2008 vzel nemški techno gigant – Cocoon.  Poletja je konec – jesen je že pokazala svoj pravi obraz, prav zato nam bosta glasbena ekskurzija na jugovzhod ter ščepec poletnega pridiha še kako koristila. Onurju bo plesišče pomagala razgreti domača ekipa Colours ter sinaptični Nitz.  Ste dovolj budni? MAIN FLOOR: Onur Özer (COCOON / GER) Ian F. (Colours, Jesus Loved You) Aneuria (Colours, Gilesku, Jesus Loved You) BAR: Vid Vai (Colours, Rimini) Evano (Colours, Pluie/Noir) Nitz (Synaptic) Fraku (Colours) VJ : FSK Vstop:  Do 24h: 9 €  Po 24h: 11 € Start/Stop: 23:00 - 06:00 ____________ ENG: Berlin - Istanbul, German precision and Turkish warmth. Cultural diversity from which he managed to bring out only the best and present it as a fresh point of view in clubs around the world. In transition to a new millennium Onur Ozer got influenced by minimalistic scene, through the love of house also started exploring tech and harder sounds of Berlin techno. Let it be minimal or tech-house, Onur succeeded merging a wide range of music seamlessly into a coherent whole, which gets under the skin of every demanding clubber. Smartly navigating between genres, releasing for respected European imprints like Freude Am Tanzen, Vakant and All In, he initially breakthrough in the local scene which lead him to the German techno giant - Cocoon. Summer is over - autumn has already shown its true face. Excursion to the southeast and a pinch of summer feel will definitely be a pleasant experience.  Are you awake enough? ITA: La prossima edizione di Colours Music al K4 avra’ come ospite Onur Ozer che arriva da Istanbul ma al momento e’ residente a Berlino. La sua musica naviga fra vari generi come minimal, house e techno e viene mischiata sempre in un modo originale. Dopo diverse uscite di successo su autorevoli etichette come Freude Am Tanzen, All Inn e Vakant, che e’ anche la sua etichetta, nel 2008 lo ha preso in agenzia il gigante tedesco della techno - Cocoon. Onur sara’ accompagnato dai resident dj’s di Colours Music e da Nitz di Synaptic crew. Siete svegli abbastanza?